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Ensure Your Workplace Has  Updated MSDS for Every Product in Use

Ensure Your Workplace Has Updated MSDS for Every Product in Use

Ensure you have the correct Material Safety Data Sheets for the product in use. 

When a new product is introduced to the workplace Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) must be provided. The MSDS must be for the specific brand name and supplier of the product. Do not use products in the workplace until the MSDS has been obtained.

Ensure the Material safety data sheets are valid.

MSDS expire three years from the date of preparation. When you obtain an MSDS determine the date of preparation as it is printed on the MSDS. Make note of the date by highlighting it or creating a master list of when your MSDS will expire so that maintenance efforts can be minimized.

Know the content on the MSDS.

It is not enough to just have the MSDS in a workplace. Make sure that any personnel using controlled products have read and understand the MSDS. Material safety data sheets provide important information such as; proper handling procedures, first aid information and proper disposal methods. Know the risks of a product and how to protect yourself from it will make your workplace a safer environment.

Keep MSDS in a central location.

The location of MSDS in a building is very important. MSDS must be situated in a central location so that those who are using products will know where to find the MSDS in case of an emergency. Having multiple locations in large buildings is okay as long as the MSDS in each of these locations are kept up to date. Ensure that all workers know where the MSDS binders are located from day one.

Minimize the amount of products requiring MSDS.

There are many alternative products on the market which are not controlled by WHMIS.  Using these products in the workplace means you do not have to keep an MSDS and you will also reduce the risk to employees.

Organize MSDS so that they are easily accessible.

When preparing an MSDS binder organizing it in alphabetical order will ensure that in the event of an accident the information will be quickly accessible. In addition, adding a table of contents will help make accessing a specific MSDS easier.

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